Economic Relevance of Corporate Real Estate in Germany

+++ First scientific study on the economic importance of Corporate Real Estate in Germany published +++ Optimized CREM has an annual value-creation potential of 178 billion euros +++ Working environments of the future shape the development of CREM +++ Property as productivity factor +++ Level of CREM must be raised +++

Economic Relevance of Corporate Real Estate in Germany

Expert opinion commissioned by
Eurocres Consulting GmbH
in cooperation with
BASF SE, Siemens AG Siemens Real Estate, CoreNet Global Inc. Central Europe Chapter, German Property Federation (ZIA)

By Andreas Pfnür


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WorkPlace Flash: Technological evolution of the WorkPlace infrastructure

+++ The resource office will reinvent itself +++ Work is becoming increasingly mobile +++ Evolution from a traditional office environment towards a variety of differentiated work options +++ Office serves as brain-connector and space for identification +++ EurocresWorkPlaceFlash013-PresentationSlideDownloadlinks: JPEG (200 KB, 1587×1122, 96 dpi), PDF (500 KB, 300 dpi)EurocresWorkPlaceFlash013-PracticalGuidanceDownloadlinks: JPEG (300 KB, 1587×1122, 96 dpi), PDF (500 KB, 300 dpi), Text-only (RTF, 40 KB)

(German) Teamspiel – Optimale Vernetzung von Juristen, Immobilien- und FM-Beratern bei komplexen Bauvorhaben

+++ Komplexität und Dynamik von Bauvorhaben +++ Optimale Vernetzung und beteiligte Akteure +++ Herausforderungen, Erfolgsfaktoren und Branchenentwicklung des Corporate Real Estate Managements +++

Facility Management, 2006/09-10, Deutschland

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